The health benefits of eating buffalo

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Did you know that the Powder House Lodge serves buffalo? We feature quality, regionally-raised buffalo steaks, burgers, stew, and even have some in our popular game kabobs. We occasionally feature a buffalo prime rib as well. If you like beef, you’re going to love buffalo.

Buffalo is rich in flavor, low in fat and high in protein. Buffalo meat is an ideal substitute for beef in your favorite recipes. Bison meat is lower in calories and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken and even some fish. Bison tastes similar to high quality beef, but has a slightly sweeter taste to it. Buffalo is also more nutritionally dense than other types of red meat. You’ll be surprised just how filling and healthy buffalo is. Who says you can’t eat healthy at a steak house?  All of our dinners include your choice of a side and a spring mix house salad.

By far, our most popular buffalo dishes are our buffalo filet and buffalo short ribs. However, if you’re visiting during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or the annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, you might be able to snag some of our delicious buffalo prime rib. Our buffalo short ribs are slow roasted bone in. You don’t even need a knife; the meat is so tender it falls right off the bone. The ribs are topped with our homemade BBQ sauce and served with your choice of a side and salad.

Grass-fed meat is naturally lower in fat and calories than grain fed meat and is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA or "good fats." These good fats help fight a variety of diseases from heart disease to cancer.

Buffalo meat also contributes significantly more iron to your diet than beef. Grass fed buffalo has higher levels of vitamins and minerals and twice as much Beta-carotene than strictly grain-fed meats. Because buffalo is so lean it doesn’t shrink while it’s being cooked as much as other meats, which is more value for you pound for pound. Because most wild game is so lean, we suggest you have your meat cooked no higher than a temperature of medium. Cooking lean meat over a medium temperature setting will cause your meat to dry out and become tough. Medium rare is the perfect temperature to enjoy buffalo with a nice glass of one of our fine red wines.

Most people start off their wild game adventure with buffalo, but if you are feeling a little wild during your visit to the Black Hills, the Powder House can introduce you to a number of wild game options including quail, elk, and our rotating wild game feature of the week. Whether you spent your day at Mount Rushmore, the Badlands or Custer State Park, when your taste buds are feeling a little wild, stop by the Powder House Lodge and we’ll tame them with one of our delicious wild game features.

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