Powder House now offers electric car charging station

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We’d like to think there is no better way to spend a sunny South Dakota summer day than in the beautiful Black Hills. It’s not hard to enjoy the ride when driving through the curving roads and sweeping vistas.

We are pretty proud of our little neck of the woods and we want to keep it clean and green. That’s why this year; the Powder House has invested in two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. No matter what style of EV you drive, you’ll be able to recharge your car while you recharge in one of our comfortable cabins or enjoy a homemade meal in our restaurant.

Electrical Vehicles are becoming more and more popular among those who want to reduce their dependency on petroleum. One of our charging stations is a multi-use station, which mean any type of EV will work with it.  Our other charging station is a Tesla charger, which means you can only use your Tesla vehicles at that charger. Tesla EVs look and perform like most standard fuel reliant sedans. The Tesla Model S can go from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and achieve a top speed of 125 mph. Imagine driving Iron Mountain Road with amenities like a touch screen driver interface, Wi-Fi Internet access and a spanning panoramic roof.

There are many benefits to driving an electric car versus a fuel dependant vehicle.

Quiet and Quick

It only takes one ride in a battery-powered car to understand the improved ride quality of an EV compared to a vehicle that uses a petroleum-powered internal combustion engine. An electric car is very quiet and very smooth. The smoothness in ride makes even the most cutting edge fuel dependent car feel like something Fred Flintstone would drive. Most people are surprised by how quickly these cars respond to acceleration. Power is delivered immediately, providing a driving experience very similar to that of an internal combustion engine car.

 Home Recharging, Cost Effective. Low Emissions.

What if you never had to spend money at the gas station again? Though you are swapping some of that petroleum energy cost for an increase in your electric bill, charging your car at home is not only greener and more convenient it is also more cost effective to use electricity over petroleum. The cost per mile to fuel an EV is approximately one-third to one-quarter the cost of gas.  All you have to do is plug in your car when you get home at the end of the day and, when you wake up in the morning, your car will be ready to go another 80 to 100 miles or more depending on the make and model of your electrical vehicle. Because EVs aren’t converting a combustible fuel, there is no need for an exhaust system to vent fuel byproducts and therefore provide a cleaner alternative in improving air quality for you, your family, and your community.

Despite its many pros, there is one resounding con to driving an electric vehicle, the range of travel and scarcity of electric charging caches. While electric cars are gaining popularity in the Black Hills, we are proud to offer a solution to this challenge with our charging stations. Now you can drive through the hills without having to cut your adventure short to go home and charge up.

Enjoy a cruise through the lush Black Hills. Visit Mount Rushmore or Custer State Park, and when you’re ready, make a pit stop and recharge at the Powder House.

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