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Devil's Tower

Situated in the Black Hills of Wyoming, is the Devil’s Tower National Monument is just two hours from Powder House Lodge, a renowned symbol of the region, characterized by the impressive rock structure that dramatically emerges from the nearby ground. Visitors have the opportunity to partake in diverse activities, including hiking, rock climbing, and gaining knowledge about the captivating geological and cultural past of the surrounding area. According to Crow legend, two young girls became lost trying to find their way home through the vast prairie. After some time, the girls realized that they were being followed, hunted by the ferocious and relentless bear, an exceptionally giant bear! The girls ran from the bear for as long as they could, but found no place to hide in the low brush and open meadow.

Soon, the massive bear was upon them, and in a final plea for rescue, the girls dropped to their knees and prayed to the Great Spirit to save them. Suddenly, the earth began to shake, and the girls found themselves lifted up into the sky by a giant pillar of rock! Determined still to catch them, the bear reared up onto his hind legs, clawing enormous, vertical striations into the stone as he tried to climb after the two girls, but they remained just beyond his reach. The bear tried and tried to reach them, covering every side of the mountain in the long cracks and scratches made by his claws. But try as he might, the bear could not catch the girls. Eventually, the bear retreated, exhausted and disappointed, leaving the two girls alone and frightened on top of the mountain. The story comes to a close as the two girls are returned back to their village. Read below for some of the activities you can find at Devil’s Tower.


Discover the numerous paths following and surrounding Devils Tower National Monument. These trails present awe-inspiring panoramas of the monument and the surrounding scenery, along with chances to observe wildlife like prairie dogs, deer, and diverse bird species.

Rock Climbing

Embrace a thrilling adventure and push your limits by engaging in the exhilarating sport of rock climbing on the majestic cliffs of Devils Tower. Climbing enthusiasts from across the globe flock to this iconic destination to put their abilities to the test against the tower's imposing altitudes and one-of-a-kind rock arrangements.

Cultural History

Immerse yourself in the cultural importance of Devils Tower to Native American tribes like the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Kiowa. Gain insights into their traditions and heritage through educational programs, including ranger-led discussions and captivating demonstrations, delving into the area's vibrant history.

Night Sky Viewing

Indulge in the enchantment of stargazing and behold the marvels of the night sky at Devils Tower National Monument. With limited light pollution and clear skies, this site offers an optimal vantage point for stargazing. Devils Tower offers you to embark on a journey to witness its mesmerizing beauty and explore the wide range of captivating encounters that await in this extraordinary destination. Start planning your trip today to immerse yourself in this remarkable experience.

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