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Cosmos Mystery Area

Hidden back in between the towering pines, just a short five minute drive from the Powder House Lodge, lies an attraction that is so mysterious, even the locals are drawn to it regularly to try and solve its mysteries. The Cosmos Mystery Area has been mystifying guests since 1953 and have left many people wondering how they do it. Simple answer: it’s a mystery.

The Cosmos Mystery Area is the perfect addition to family friendly vacations as it offers a wide variety of activities for adults and kids of all ages to partake in. The Cosmos Mystery Area was founded in 1952 when two boys were wandering through the stunning Black Hills to find a place to build their summer cabin and they stumbled upon this place where water runs uphill and people lean sideways when they stand straight. The laws of physics simply don’t apply here.

Guests to the Cosmos Mystery Area will be taken on a 30 minute tour guided by very energetic tour guides. Through the tour, prepare to have your mind blown and your senses challenged as you stand on walls, feel forces pushing you as you walk forward, see your height change just by standing in a different spot one foot away, and watch water run uphill. We won’t give away all of the secrets, but this is one attraction that is perfect for family friendly vacations.

As if seeing the laws of physics defied wasn’t enough, kids can also enjoy time playing in the Geode Mine. They’ll be able to find geodes, crack ‘em, and keep ‘em. Kids can dig up a geode, crack it open in the hydraulic press, and then have a beautiful, shimmering crystal rock to take home with them.

Due to the unique gravity pull, the Cosmos Mystery Area tour is unable to be wheelchair or stroller accessible and is not recommended for anyone with balance issues. Pets are not allowed on the tour path.

24040 Cosmos Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702