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So It’s Your First Time Climbing In The Black Hills: A How-to Guide

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When life gets boring, climb! From bouldering to true rock climbing, the Black Hills offer more rocks to climb than you could ever imagine, which is all the more reason to start planning a Black Hills vacation for you and your family and friends. Once you’re ready to start planning your getaway, Powder House Lodge will offer you an amazing place to stay and delicious food that you’ll never forget at our restaurant, but once you walk out the door to take on your big adventure, the Black Hills are your oyster!

For many of us in the Black Hills, we’ve been climbing since the moment we could walk, but for many the idea of going rock climbing can be quite daunting and can even be quite scary to think about, but why let your fears hold you back from doing something you’ll never forget? To help give you a boost of confidence, we’re here to share our sage advice on why you absolutely need to add a climbing adventure to your Black Hills vacation itinerary this Summer.

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