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The Coupe

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In the heart of downtown Rapid City, a hidden gem awaits those seeking a truly unique and enchanting experience. Welcome to The Coupe, a brand new 1940s-themed cocktail bar that transports you to the bygone era. With its vintage charm, burlesque performances, and impeccable attention to detail, The Coupe promises to be a premiere performance venue like no other in the area. Step inside and prepare to be captivated by a world of glamour, nostalgia, and artistic expression.

At The Coupe, lies the spectacle of captivating burlesque performances. Inspired by the Victorian era, theatrical burlesque took popular opera and Shakespearean works, adding a twist of satire and sensuality. Embracing this rich history, The Coupe brings burlesque to life in a way that challenges conventions and captivates its audience. From religious and political commentary to redefining the perception of the female body, these performances push boundaries and celebrate the art of self-expression.

Unlike the typical cocktail spots, you can find in and around Rapid City, The Coupe offers a truly immersive experience for its visitors. Guests can reserve their favorite table and even pre-order their drinks online, ensuring a seamless and personalized evening. As attendees step into the venue, they are greeted by bar staff members who assume pseudonyms and curated personas, fully committed to the vintage atmosphere. The meticulously designed space boasts seventeen-foot-tall gold-trimmed ceilings, historic light fixtures, and intimate seating near the stage, creating an ambiance that transports visitors to another era.

The Coupe is the creation of Dustin Mulvey, a former self-employed truck driver. Having traveled extensively and experienced numerous burlesque shows across the country, Mulvey's passion for this art form led him to create a venue that celebrates its authenticity. The dedication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of The Coupe, from the thoughtfully curated design to the optimal acoustic conditions carefully considered in consultation with musicians. Mulvey's vision has brought a touch of big-city sophistication to Rapid City.

The Coupe not only caters to its guests but has also attracted talented musicians and performers from far and wide. With its exceptional acoustics, the venue provides a platform for intimate musical performances, focusing on soft sounds and featuring one or two musicians. The carefully designed space, complete with acoustic panels and sound-dampening curtains, allows for an engaging experience where the audience can converse during the performances. This combination of ambiance and artistry creates a truly immersive and memorable night out.

With a calendar brimming with events, The Coupe promises something for everyone. Fridays come alive with live music, showcasing local talent and captivating audiences with melodic tunes. Saturdays take center stage with the burlesque shows, where performers mesmerize and enchant with their provocative artistry. Wednesdays are reserved for dancing, with the Rock-Ola Magic Glo Jukebox setting the mood for a night of revelry.

Rapid City's downtown landscape has been forever transformed by the arrival of The Coupe. This vintage-inspired cocktail bar, with its 1940s theme, burlesque performances, and meticulous attention to detail, offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is typically found only in larger cities. The passion and vision of owner Dustin Mulvey has created an intimate haven where art, music, and nostalgia blend seamlessly. So, step into The Coupe, reserve your favorite table, and let yourself be transported to a world of timeless glamour.

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