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Summer has Finally Arrived!!

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The 2013 Season is upon us with new and familiar faces and all sorts of new upgrades. Read below for all the Details.

Well, it appears as if summer has finally arrived. After four months of a mild winter, Mother Nature decided to give us all of our snow in the month of April. Over 3 feet  of snow in the month of April alone, all in 3 separate storms, which was great for us, as we needed the moisture as it had been extremely dry last summer and through the first part of winter. Not so great for us though because April is when we get everything here ramped up and ready to go for the summer.

This winter saw more upgrades again to our facility. It seems like every year we have some new project, or upgrades in the works, all to make your stay a little more enjoyable and comfortable.  This year saw the Deluxe Family Cabins, and the All-American Cabins receive new flooring in the Bathrooms and Kitchenette areas. We also upgraded all of our bedding as we now triple sheet, wait strike that, triple isn’t good enough, we now quad sheet all of beds. That’s right, no more comforters, or bed spreads. All new synthetic blankets, and top sheets to assure a clean comfortable stay.

 The Deluxe Family Cabins, the Honeymoon Suite, and the Two-Room Cabins also saw brand new Queen Comfort Sleepers installed in them. Notice we call these “Comfort Sleepers.” Gone are the days of uncomfortable sofa sleepers with thin mattresses, broken springs and metal bars in poking you in the back.  Instead these new “comfort Sleepers”  fold out into a completely flat platform bed with a nice comfortable Termpur-Pedic Mattress on them. These beds are Ben test and Ben approved.  We were lucky enough to take a family vacation to Disney World in February of 2012. My parents took myself and my brother’s family to Disney for a little better than a week. Of course me being single and not having any kids, I was delegated to the Sofa Sleeper in the Tree House we had rented for our time there.  The idea of sleeping on a Sofa for a week was not real high on my list of things I had wanted to do while visiting Disney with my niece and nephews, but I’m guessing that is the part of my parents punishment for not giving them any Grandkids yet. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find this sleep worthy “Comfort Sleeper.”  Needless to say, I enjoyed my time at Disney with the family, as well as much needed nights of sleep after days full of the Happiest Place on Earth.

So of course as soon as we returned I started searching for these new “Comfort Sleepers.” Eventually I found the company that manufactures them and was able to order some for the 2013 season. So now here we are with 8 of these new Sleepers just waiting to prove to people that Sofas can be comfortable to sleep on, and while we were only able to bring in eight this year, we plan on bringing in eight more again next year in order to finish the remaining upgrades.

We are also pleased to welcome back a handful of familiar faces, as we have a number of workers returning for 2013, for some of them this is year 6 or 7, so we are happy that they are able to join us and help serve our guests. And of course we look forward to seeing all of your  familiar faces, and meeting all of our new guests as we continue to move forward with the 2013 Season.



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