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Naked Winery

For most people, wine is wine. But for Naked Winery, they take the wine experience to a whole new level by giving guests and wine connoisseurs an experience unlike any other with their wine. Not only is their wine tantalizing and delicious, but they have taken an angle on their names that will leave you rosy in the cheeks, and not just from the alcohol. The Naked Winery's philosophy is that you should be able to enjoy any wine in any form that you think is good, whether it's sipping it with your pinky in the air, or out of a tin cup by a campfire. Their wines are meant to be enjoyed anywhere at any time by any one, and give them a good laugh at the same time.

Some of their more popular wines include the Foreplay Chardonnay, Climax Red Blend, Fifty Shades of White, Fifty Shades of Red, Cherry Fantasy, Burlesque Blackberry, Cougar Semi Sparkling White, Booty Call 2014, and Fling Gewurztraminer. Are you blushing yet?

Naked Winery aims to please, or should we say tease, with their wines. Their focus has always been, and will always be, on the grape that is used to make the wine. They get their premium class Oregon and Washington grapes straight from the source. Their grapes for their red wines come straight from the hot and dry Apple Gate and Columbia Valley regions of Oregon and Washington, and their white wine grapes come straight from the cool pacific marine areas of the Willamette and Illinois Valleys.

Stop by their tasting room for some samples of great wine, or stop by for one of their great special events. From their HaloWINE party to comedy nights, Naked Winery often throws a fantastic party that is always worth visiting. They offer a unique experience that is unlike any other winery you'll go to again. They also offer a menu of food items including pizzas, gourmet pretzels, and meat and cheese platters, giving you even more reason to hang out there all day. That mixed with the good wine and the beautiful surround the Black Hills, there's no reason to leave, until they kick you out to head back to your Hill City, SD hotels, that is.

With their unique wine names, Naked Winery appeals to a wide range of wine lovers. Don't worry men, they are located right next to Sick n Twisted Brewery for your beer needs as well. Naked Winery is located nearby many different Hill City, SD hotels, making it easy to stop by and have a taste of their unique wine and atmosphere.

23851 Highway 385, Hill City, SD 57745


23851 Highway 385
Hill City, SD 57745

430 Mt. Rushmore Road
Custer, SD 57730

804 Highway 16A
Keystone, SD 57751