Dakota Shivers Brewing

The craft beer scene in the Black Hills has skyrocketed in recent years, providing a variety of unique spots to grab some cold brews with friends while on a Mt. Rushmore vacation. Dakota Shivers Brewing, located about an hour northwest of the Powder House Lodge in historic Lead, South Dakota, is one of the highlights of this craft brewery boom, and for good reason. Their hometown feel and one-of-a-kind beers make for a cozy experience where you can kick back and relax while you find your new favorite brew at one of the most unique local breweries in the Black Hills.

Steve and Linda Shivers, a husband and wife duo from Oregon, opened Dakota Shivers Brewery in May of 2015 with a mission of introducing more people to exceptional craft beers. Initially, the brewery was open to serve customers on Fridays and Saturdays between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., but their fast-growing popularity soon saw them expanding their hours to Tuesday through Saturday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. One reason for their success may lie in the fact that Dakota Shivers only brews 70 gallons at a time, allowing them to more easily experiment with different flavors in their batches of beer. The fact that each visit offers an opportunity to try a new creation has attracted beer aficionados who crave adventure and aren’t afraid of giving new flavor combinations a try. 

Although the brewery has a continually revolving menu of interesting craft beers, they have also established some signature brews that fans return for time and time again. Their house specialty, the 5280 Pale Ale, is a flavorful, light colored beer that many seasoned beer lovers will enjoy. Or try their Dark Matter RyePA, named for the LUX experiment at Lead’s Sanford Underground Laboratory and containing a mixture of rye and chocolate malt to give it a deep, rich flavor. If stout beers are more your style, their Whistle Blowin’ Stout is a sweet, creamy beer that gets its kick from Columbian coffee beans. Make sure to purchase a growler or crowler, or two, so you can take their tasty concoctions home to enjoy later. A taste of these distinctive microbrews will show you why locals and visitors alike consider Dakota Shivers Brewing a hidden gem of the Black Hills and a favorite among those who enjoy visiting local breweries.

The welcoming atmosphere of Dakota Shivers also draws guests back for more. Drinks are often served by the owners, providing a chance to listen to the history of this Black Hills brewery firsthand. Warm, sunny days can be enjoyed sipping a beer on their patio, where dogs are also welcome.  Craft beer enthusiasts also rave about Dakota Shivers’ fast, friendly service and reasonable prices. It’s the perfect stop to add to your list while on a Mt. Rushmore vacation.

So, whether you prefer the full-bodied, hoppy taste of ales or bold, deep flavor of a good stout, you’ll find a beer to please your palate in a bar with a rustic, friendly vibe that perfectly embodies the spirit of this area. Make sure to add a visit to this Black Hills brewery during your stay for a craft beer experience unlike any other.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Closed
Tuesday-Saturday - 2-8 p.m.
Sunday - Closed